Real-time tracking for the WordPress Admin

Stream makes troubleshooting a breeze by tracking every content change on your site.

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Stream 3 is here!

Stream 3 will log all your activity locally, with absolutely no data sent externally. We've re-imagined how Stream stores activity logs so that the database footprint is less than half of its version 1 size.

Stream is now an XWP project, with a new commitment to remain free and open source, serve and respond to our community of users, privately track WordPress admin activity, and present records in meaningful and actionable ways.

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Monitor Changes As They Happen

Stream displays a play-by-play of WordPress Admin activity so you can review changes live as they happen, and know who's doing what, when and how.

Stream Keeps You In The Loop

Content is being changed more often than you might think. Stream gives you the birds-eye view of WordPress you've always wanted and leaves nothing to mystery.